Building Progressive Web Apps in 2018

We have heard about the Progressive Web Apps for about 2 years now and on their way, we are finding guides, tutorials, frameworks and tools that help us every day with the construction, generation, and publication of our projects. In this opportunity, we are going to give an overview of some tools that you can […]

Offline Strategies for PWA

Currently, most Web Apps run without offline capabilities, that means, they depend almost entirely on the server. We can feel this when we are disconnected from our browser in an App with responsive design and we receive the “downsaur” which is the way in which Google Chrome tells us that we are offline. This is […]

Understanding Fetch API

As we have seen previously, Service Workers are the best option to add special capabilities to our WebApp making our Apps feel like Natives when they are installed from a Mobile (Without entering App Store or Google Play Store). The Service Worker allows you to add all this new functionality basically thanks to two APIs, […]

Understanding Cache API

Save files locally is one of the most important things that Progressive Web Apps offers, let’s think about it for a moment. Users on their mobile phone often find themselves with very bad connections such as when they take a subway or when they are in a basement. Our users only want to have a […]

Understanding Service Workers.

There are common scenarios currently in which our Web applications are limited by not having an open tab in the browser, but if we take the mobile world there is no such limitation because although a Mobile App is closed we can interact with the user such as Push Notifications.That is why the Web has […]

Building your first PWA: Objects

Hello, Startuper and Welcome to this new lesson. Until this moment has you learned to: How to connect an App with Ionic Cloud. Foundations about Ionic and the technologies that we are using. Today we are going to learn about Classes and Objects and how to build our news feed. What is an Object ? […]