Understanding Service Workers.

There are common scenarios currently in which our Web applications are limited by not having an open tab in the browser, but if we take the mobile world there is no such limitation because although a Mobile App is closed we can interact with the user such as Push Notifications.That is why the Web has […]

Building your first PWA: Objects

Hello, Startuper and Welcome to this new lesson. Until this moment has you learned to: How to connect an App with Ionic Cloud. Foundations about Ionic and the technologies that we are using. Today we are going to learn about Classes and Objects and how to build our news feed. What is an Object ? […]

Building your first PWA: User Authentication

Hello Startupers!!! and welcome to our lesson number 3. Hooray!!! if you remember the first lesson we create a simple App called myfirstPWA. Now, we going to continue building our amazing App. Remember our goals. Read news from a Feed (RSS). Register users. Authenticate users. Reset password. First, we need to delete the existing pages […]

Building your first PWA: Preparation

Hello Startuper!! Progressive Web Apps have some basic stuff that makes detectable as an App to modern browsers. these are: HTML,CSS and JS App. Service Worker. Manifest. To handle easily with this we going to use Ionic an awesome framework build in top of Angular with a lot of components and ready for PWA. Installing […]

The Art of Building Apps with Javascript.

Hi, Startuper! and welcome to this trip around the Status quo building apps with Web technologies. Nowadays is really hard know what is the right way to start your app because you have a lot of Frameworks, platforms and so on. First of all, it is important to understand the range of technologies. In this graphic […]