Building your first App: User Authentication

Hello Startupers!!! and welcome to our lesson number 3. Hooray!!! if you remember the first lesson we create a simple App called myFirstApp you can go here Now, we going to continue building our amazing App. Remember our goals. Read news from a Feed (RSS). Register users. Authenticate users. Reset password. First, we need to […]

Building your first App: Preparation

Hello Startupers!! and welcome to this travel called Ionic. First of all, I want to do a distinction between Ionic 1 and Ionic If it’s your first time exploring Hybrid Apps maybe you can be confused because people are talking about Ionic 1 and Ionic are similars? Is it the same? Well, basically this two […]

The Art of Cross/Hybrid Apps State

As I write this article, I’ve been looking at an interesting technology called React Native. If you are following me in Youtube or in Github you know I develop in Ionic Framework and, apart from having good Starters in the Market. Still, it is good to understand new technologies that are gaining strength among the […]