The Art of Building Apps with Javascript.

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Hi, Startuper! and welcome to this trip around the Status quo building apps with Web technologies. Nowadays is really hard know what is the right way to start your app because you have a lot of Frameworks, platforms and so on.

First of all, it is important to understand the range of technologies. In this graphic I’ve placed three classifications and some technologies that seem to be mentioned frequently in each platform.


Hybrid Apps

These are constructed in top of Apache Cordova and basically they allow you to develop an app using HTML + CSS + JS surrounded by a Webview (specifying the Android or IOS SDK) which gives you access to the native characteristics of the device and allow you to extend the functionality through plugins (small pieces of Java or Swift code — Objective C). This classification is much more complete in Ionic Framework.

Cross Platform App

The Apps created through these technologies are native (They don’t only include a Webview). Its principal characteristic is that they are written in Javascript and they use a compiler to convert them into Native components. It is considered that React Native and NativeScript are the most important parts of this technology.

Native Apps

These are constructed using programming language supported by the official SDK of the device. It is necessary to develop an independent project for each platform and its SDK’s are very complete. The languages to be used are Objective-C or Swift for IOS and Java for Android.

and the new… Progressive Web Apps!

Progressive Web Apps is the new buzzword these months. but what is a Progressive Web App?

“A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.” – Google Blog

This blog is focusing on building Progressive Web Apps and how to build with reliable platforms like Angular, Ionic and Firebase.

Keep coding…

Carlos Rojas

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